The documentary “Younger With Dancing” follows the participation of an old couple in a dance-related challenge – their experience, progress and achievement of goals on this journey.

Casting call:

FAST: We are looking for an old couple in good health at the age of 60+ who would be ready to participate in a 90-day challenge and social dance classes 3-4 hours a week. The couple must be ready to dance in front of the camera and share their impressions. No previous dance experience is required.

The shooting period is March-May 2022 in Tallinn, the dates will be specified with specific participants.

Roles are not paid, but we offer a free body analysis at MyFitness Sports Club and free dance lessons during the challenge period. Information about dance lessons can be found here

You can also apply individually, healthy and brave ladies and gentlemen aged 60+ are welcome.

NB! Participants must be in good health, free of serious chronic illness (eg cardiovascular disease, chronic heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis or bone-thinning etc)

Initially, 3 pairs or 3 gentlemen and ladies will be selected, all of whom will have the opportunity to take part in the challenge and take part in the shooting. The most successful and colorful of the three pairs will be chosen as the main characters of the film.

If you are interested, please send your pictures, the reason why you want to participate and the contact phone to no later than 25.03.2022

Suitable candidates will be contacted within a few days.

To join the challenge, you are welcome to the Facebook group “Young and Happy with dancing”

The group provides information about the dance schools that have joined the campaign and their offers, as well as gives participants the opportunity to share their experiences and dance videos.

If you have any urgent questions, please call 57703765

Thanks for applying!

Wishing you a wonderful spring full of dance!

Helen Anvelt

Film producer

Midwayer Films OÜ

The photos are illustrative.