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At first, I only knew a few things about Johann Urb, who is his father, and that he is an actor in Hollywood, but after the March 13 film training, emotions were high. I still learned new knowledge and tricks from the profile of my field, including the fact that many are stuck in their so-called boxes and do not follow their dreams – you have to be chill and do what you like!
After the first meeting with Johann, I already knew that one of the hottest nights of the webinar “Actress as a Therapy” was on March 20, 21, but that it would be so filled with full of positivity, I could not have foreseen. Johann mentioned, among other things, his collaboration with Bruce Willis, gave examples, taught different breathing techniques and tricks on how to get in and out of the role, which is very important. I couldn’t expect such a great person from Johann. I liked the friendliness of everyone and the fact that you could be yourself.
Maximum points for the content, quality, organizer, and Johann for the training!
Joosep Talts (24), student and free-time actor
I have attended three voice actor training courses and one film actor training course. I really like them because of new experiences, new knowledge and meeting new people. During the training of the voice actor, I especially liked the fact that I learned how cartoons are dubbed and how commercials are read. During Johann Urb’s training, I learned how nice and nice Johann is, how exciting and difficult the world of film can be and what you need to know to become a film actor.
I also need to congratulate Helen Anvelt, the organizer of all these trainings. Helen is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She is always cheerful and helpful. Her trainings have always been a lot of fun. During each training, she has shown slides with all the information (eg about voice acting): breathing, getting rid of nervous tension, keeping the voice, etc. Of course, he does not forget the belly of the participants in the trainings. In contact training, she has always made a small dining table, where she has offered cookies, apples, oranges, carrots, tea, lemon water, small straw drinks. For those who have attended several trainings, she also gives friend offers for other trainings. Thank you so much, Helen, for these wonderful trainings!
Mairo Libba, (13), Actor of the Vanemuine Theater musical “Les Misérables” Gavroche
My expectations for training were in no way specific or professional. I was expecting something new and nice and I got it. I liked the fun and benevolent atmosphere, which was combined with a common hobby of different professionals. I liked the great preliminary work done by the organizer, which will take some time to get acquainted with. There was nothing I didn’t like. There was little time, but more time means a higher price, and that’s why I’m happy.
I evaluate the content of the training and the study materials, including their practicality, in a 10-point system with ten. I also appreciate the price-quality ratio. Both the organizer Helen and the trainer Johann Urb also receive the maximum points. Johann is a lovely, free and friendly person, just like you, Helen! 10 points!
Gaili, horse breeder
The webinar I attended took place in a very pleasant, warm and supportive atmosphere. For me, it was informative and gave good ideas for self-development. Johann Urb’s feedback was so warm and encouraging! But the breathing exercise he taught is fantastic!
Anneli (51), Official and interested in acting

I would recommend Midwayer Films training to anyone with any interest in filmmaking or looking for ways to develop their skills. The trainings have been very informative and instructive. I liked that we also had extra material to go through and the lessons have always been very interesting. There have always been very positive emotions when leaving classes and a good understanding of what needs to be done to achieve the desired results. Thanks to these trainings, I have learned to turn my interest in acting into a real job, all thanks to Helen’s inspiring / practical training.

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Film acting training was a new experience for me that was extremely exciting! I am very grateful and happy!
Courage and curiosity have been my companions since I was a child, so at the age of 58 I decided to offer myself a 5-hour online course for a film actor on 24.04.2021 from 15.00 to 20.00. It seemed to me that I managed the scenes with different scenes and Meisner’s technique well …
Many thanks, Johann Urb and Helen Anvelt (Midwayer Films) and all participants!
I recommend EVERYONE to try everything they have never done in their lives.
Age is no obstacle, as you might suspect in the case of Estonians … I encourage EVERYONE!

Heidi Tamm (58), Musician, lifelong learner