1. Conditions and procedures for admission and removal from training.

1.1 To register for the training, the learner must click the “REGISTER” button on the respective training page and then fill out the registration form. Upon registration, the registrant will receive training information and details about the training schedule to their email address as soon as possible. Upon registration, the participant must ensure that they have read the instructional arrangements set forth by Midwayer Films!

1.2 The minimum number of participants for the training depends on the specific training program. Once the training group is opened, the participant will receive payment information to their email address as well.

1.3 To cancel participation in the training, the registrant must notify their withdrawal at least 1 business day in advance. Otherwise, the registrant will be considered a participant in the training, and the training institution reserves the right to charge a fee for the reserved spot.

1.4 If a learner voluntarily discontinues their participation in the training, they are still obligated to pay the full training fee. They will not be issued a certificate of completion for the training.

1.5 The conditions for completing the training depend on each specific training program.

1.6 Upon completion of the training, the participant will receive a certificate from Midwayer Films confirming their participation in the training.


2. Payment, exemption, and refund of tuition fees for continuing education:terms and conditions.

2.1 After the training group reaches its minimum capacity, payment information and an invoice will be sent to the learner via email. Payment is usually made by bank transfer. The invoice must be paid at least 1 day before the training begins.

2.2 Students, university students, and pensioners may receive a discount of up to 20% on tuition fees.

2.3 Tuition fees are refundable if the training is canceled due to the training institution or force majeure reasons. Otherwise (such as voluntary discontinuation by the learner), the tuition fee is non-refundable. In case of discontinuation or non-attendance due to health reasons, we ask the learner to contactinfo@midwayerfilms.com.

2.4 Refund of tuition fees is possible for health reasons upon presenting relevant documentation, within a maximum of 1 week after the training date, provided that the participant has informed about their non-attendance by the day of the training (except in exceptional circumstances).


3. Other important conditions for organizing the education.

3.1 The training venues depend on the specific training, and the location of the training will be notified upon reaching the minimum capacity of the training group.

3.2 In the training rooms, the learner is required to maintain order and take care of the company’s property and educational materials carefully.

3.3 For online trainings, the main platforms used are Google Drive, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc., and access will be provided upon receipt of payment.

3.4 The trainings take place in the field of audiovisual media creation and belong to the group 0211: Audiovisual techniques and media production curriculum group.

3.5 The educational activities of the training institution are conducted in Estonian. Our trainers also speak English, Russian, and German. The administration of the training institution is conducted in Estonian and English.

3.6 Upon successful completion of the curriculum, the trainer and the legal representative of the training institution will sign a certificate verifying that the learner has completed the curriculum and acquired the corresponding qualification. The certificate must also be signed by the learner themselves to confirm that they have completed the curriculum.

3.7 Two physical copies of the certificates will be made, one for the learner to keep and the other for storage in the MF database. A digital copy of the certificate will also be created and stored in the MF database.



1. Conditions and procedure for ensuring the quality of curricula.

1.1 Midwayer Films ensures that the offered curricula are high-quality and relevant to the respective field. Midwayer Films collaborates with international training institutions to plan and ensure high-quality curricula and content in Estonia.

1.2 Midwayer Films actively monitors the relevance of curricula through participant feedback and assessments from international experts. Based on feedback, assessments, and labor market needs, appropriate adjustments are made to existing curricula or new, innovative trainings are created.

1.3 Midwayer Films ensures that all curricula comply with the legal requirements and best practices of the respective field.

1.4 Midwayer Films’ collaboration with trainers and international experts ensures that the learning outcomes of the offered curricula are achievable within the specified scope, and that the curriculum topics and learning environment support the attainment of these outcomes.

2. Conditions and procedure for ensuring the quality of trainers.

2.1 Midwayer Films requires that trainers have either relevant education or prior work experience in the field.

2.2 Trainers are sent on international mobility exchanges for self-improvement purposes, and they are encouraged to seek ways to regularly enhance their skills and knowledge.


3. Conditions and procedure for ensuring the quality of the learning environment.

3.1 Midwayer Films ensures that for contact hours, the learning environment is safe, clean, and of high quality.

3.2 Midwayer Films ensures that the workspaces have modern equipment and tools that meet industry standards.


4. Procedure for collecting feedback on continuing education.

4.1 Written feedback is collected from learners after the training. Based on feedback, Midwayer Films can ensure higher quality of trainings and trainers, and further improve the curricula.

4.2 Personal information of feedback providers is only visible to Midwayer Films and is not shared with third parties.