Helen Anvelt

Helen is a bright and versatile creative individual – an entrepreneur, film actor, teacher, event organizer, project manager, and producer. She holds a degree in German-English philology and is also a massage therapist. She has two children – a daughter, son and 2 grandchildren.

The plan to ensure high-quality audiovisual production, aiming to inspire people and provide services from ideation to final product, emerged in the fall of 2018 and evolved into a business plan by the spring/summer of 2020. In August 2020, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund supported Helen with funding from the European Social Fund to kickstart her own film production company, Midwayer Films OÜ, as a provider of film-related training activities.

2023. this year several of Helen’s dreams came true – including making her very own film. The pre-production of the short film “OBSESSION” began all the way back in 2017 . Thanks to the co-operation of professionals and enthusiasts, “OBSESSION” finally hit the big screen with a galmorous premiere that took place on the 12th of December 2023 in the Estonian Film Museum. The film has won several awards at different international film festivals, including Best Director (Greenflash International Film Festival), Best Actress (Lulea International Film Festival and Venice Art & Film Festival), Best Original Score (Brussels International Film Festival). In additon, “Obsession” was chosen from over 600 different films to be included in the official selection of Liverpool Indie Awards’ summer season.

Helen herself won 2 awards for best supporting actress from Swedish International Film Festival and RED Movie Awards. The RED Movie Awards jury includes several well-known French and Hollywood actors such as Kevin McNally and Lee Arenberg, who appeared in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series. RED Movie Awards has nominated Helen for the best supporting actress of the year at their 2024 gala. The winner will be announced in May 2024 in Reims, France. The award pictured here is produced by Society Awards, which also produces the trophies for the Emmys and the Golden Globes.

Helen’s skills also include social dancing (including salsa, kizomba, and swing dances like Balboa and Lindy Hop), event management, directing, public speaking, and more. Helen has been leading TJ Dance School Premium and has taught dancing since 2013. In summer 2020, Helen was crowned Ms. Talent Estonia 2020. In summer 2022, she was also awarded Mrs. People Choice 2022, Mrs. Photo Estonia 2022 and Mrs. Estonia Classic 2022. In 2023, Helen participated in the international beauty pageant WOMAN OF THE UNIVERSE, where she won the special award GRAND UNIVERSE.

Helen’s success as an entrepreneur, film producer, and trainer is ensured by her ambition, thoroughness, consistency, dedication, excellent organizational skills, and communication abilities. She possesses outstanding leadership qualities and unwavering optimism. Helen infects others with her passion and increasingly inspires more people with her success story. Her meteoric rise continues even further because for Helen, only the sky is the limit.

Helen was born in Tallinn, 12.12.1972 as the second child to a family of engineers. Her father emigrated to Russia when she was only a year old. A childhood without a father left a strong impact on the girl’s soul and creativity. Despite this, the little girl entertained her family through her improvisational talent and performances. At the age of four, she effortlessly conjured up amusing verses and her show dance routines were born within seconds. Despite growing up poor, Helen’s childhood was a happy one. The diligent and versatile girl’s school days were spent with her mother and brother in a communal apartment on Kunderi Street, studying for hours at the writing desk, keeping a journal, yearning for love, and dreaming big. Dreams of the film world and acting have been with Helen her whole life. The saddest moments in life were comforted by imagining a compassionate, tearful audience on the other side of the imaginary screen. The skinny and pale schoolgirl gained confidence from leading a small theater group with her classmates from the neighborhood, winning repeated titles of the best declaimer, and coming in second at the national German language debate competition. The small parody acts and sketches evolved over a few years into a serious interest in acting, leading her to spend several years on the school theater stage. At the age of 14, Helen was struck by inspiration, and her creativity turned deep and philosophical. Soon, she felt an irresistible need to share her message with the audience, and thus, her first original solo performance was born. Helen’s writings were considered the best in school; her compositions were characterized by emotionality, intellectual depth, and early maturity in wisdom. Helen develioped her acting skills under Estonian stage directors Priit Hummel and Peeter Jalakas, who advised her to take her acting to a professional level.

1991. was very eventful in many different ways. Graduating high school, marriage, first year of university and the birth of a daughter. Overcoming difficulties and challenges, Helen continued to pursue her dreams. Helen’s second solo performance took her to various stages, not only in Estonia but also before American audiences. The ovations and heartfelt feedback from the audience gave the young woman the idea to release her first original album. Altogether, Helen has independently produced 5 original albums, one DVD, and four CD records, highly praised by several Estonian musicians such as Jaan Sööt and the late Henry Laks, as well as globally renowned 80s star Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew). Helen organized a grand reception and concert tour in Estonia for Nick van Eede in the summer of 2011, in collaboration with Berit Concerts and Peep Veedla, the organizer of Viru Folk festival.

Producing an album has been only one of Helen’s many achievements.

She has been fortunate to achieve success and garner media attention in all her works and endeavors, including her involvement in education, tourism, and international projects since 1998. As a promoter of Erasmus+ and other lifelong learning projects, Helen received national recognition by securing the second place in a nationwide competition. Her diverse activities have been captured in the documentary film “Maximum Program” by theater artist Kristi Leppik, which also characterizes Helen’s perfectionism and life goal – to reach and achieve as much as possible.

Already during university, Helen made a living as an English private teacher and as a voice actress for TV and radio commercials, voicing automated phone greetins and participating in dubbing animated films into Estonian. Her journey into entrepreneurship started in 2001.

Helen’s need for self-realization took a new direction a few decades later. Her dream of filmmaking and film acting made her restless, so she traveled to London to the International School of Screen Acting. Participation in various screen acting workshops, where friendship with British and Hollywood actors Mandana Jones and Mary Roscoe, as well as their encouragingly positive feedback on Helen’s creativity and improvisational skills, inspired her to start organizing film acting workshops in Estonia.

The co-operation between professional filmmakers through various projects, seminars and workshops and the knowledge gained from Baltic Film, Media and Arts School support Helen’s career in audiovisual production. Professional encounters with many Estonian and international film and television industry professionals date back to 2005, when Helen worked as a script supervisor In her role as a script supervisor on the set of the German-Estonian feature film “Kõrini,” Helen’s momentum as a filmmaker was further fueled by her voluntary collaboration with students from the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM), including supporting the development of the screenplay for the film “Eva,” portraying the main character, and contributing to the final version of the film. Dirk Hoyer, a professor of audiovisual arts, named the film “Eva” as the best candidate for BFM’s best film. Successful collaborations as an actress with production companies such as Kassikuld, Eetriüksus, Reede, Allfilm, etc., began in 2005, the same year Helen started writing her first screenplay. Active participation in various film-related workshops and seminars has connected Helen with numerous film professionals from around the world. In the summer of 2019, she made her first attempt as a film producer when the international short film “Insomnia” premiered on the screen of Supernova cinema as part of the summer school course “Digital Filmmaking Short Film.”