The short film is now avaliable for purchase on digital!

Strange feelings and intrusive thoughts rear their head in young Angelina when her mother meets musician Karl. Over time, these emotions put her on a path of self-destruction. She tries hopelessly to find comfort in literature, music and her diary. At last, her dark thoughts, obsessive feelings and untreated psychological problems push her to the edge of a roof…

With our debut film, we wish to raise awareness about underdiagnosed psychological disorders among Estonia’s youth and prevent youth suicides. Short film “Obsession” distributes the Social Security Board’s help line 116 006, children’s help line 116 111 and the website to guide those in a mental crisis to seek help.

Starring Greta Korju, Toomas Krall, Jeremy Tran Sbraire, Helen Anvelt, Janelle Kivistik, Samuel D’rems Awoseyin and Angela Victoria Talan

Director: Karl-Jonatan Karits
Screenwriters: Karl-Jonatan Karits, Eve Tisler ja Helen Anvelt
Producer: Helen Anvelt, Midwayer Films OÜ