Do you dream of making your own documentary film, but lack the knowledge or courage? That’s OK! We’ll help you make your own documentary film!

In March 2023, Midwayer Films, co-funded by the European Union, sent their volunteer employees on an Erasmus+ job-shadowing mobility to Portugal, where we were hosted by Ton van der Lee, the founder of Portugal Film School. Participants were introduced to the structure of making a short documentary film and various stages involved, including the use of video and audio equipment, and they got to try making a portrait documentary film. The result was an 8-minute short portrait documentary film “Follow Your Dreams“, which told the story of Marieke, the spouse of the founder of the film school, and her efforts to preserve the cultural life of the sleepy village of Monte da Estrada.

Our learners returned with new knowledge and are ready to help other documentary enthusiasts make their dreams come true! During the course, we will cover everything from pre-production to post-production, and by the end of the training, a portrait documentary film will be completed.

The course includes:

  • Comprehensive theory – what is a documentary film & its structure
  • Preparation – finding your main character, researching the topic
  • Structuring your story
  • How to conduct an interview
  • Basic principles and techniques of filming, from framing composition to lighting
  • Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (conducted on one machine by the teacher under the student’s guidance)

The training is conducted by our Erasmus+ exchange students and BFM graduates Ramin Pourmand, Laura Kõiv, and Nata-Triin Eisel.

Interviewing and story structuring are taught by Agnes Saaren. Drone operation is taught by Enrico Kallais.

The training will take place in the autumn of 2024 once the group is filled.

In addition, enthusiasts have the opportunity to participate in the filming and post-production of the documentary film ‘Invitation to Dance’ by Midwayer Films.

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