In March 2023, Midwayer Films, co-funded by the European Union, sent their volunteer employees on an Erasmus+ job-shadowing mobility to Portugal, where we were hosted by Ton van der Lee, the founder of Portugal Film School. We got the opportunitiy to observe the process and different steps of documentary filmmaking, using video and audio equipment. We also got to try making our own documentary.
In co-operation if Portugal Film School and the European Union, Midwayer Films hosted a free documentary filmmaking course, where the participants could get an overview of the filmmaking process and most important points. They also got to hear about the technical side of filmmaking and the volunteers’ experience in Portugal. Additionally, the participants’ got to try making their own short portrait documentary.
Tasuta õppematerjali “Dokumentaalfilmi ABC” saamiseks vajuta nuppu To get access to the free documentary filmmaking materials, click on the button.
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Co-funded by the European Union. Sponsored by Hestia Hotel Europa.