Film acting course for selfstudy

Price: 69 euros  (Normal price 160 eur) – includes slideshow with study materials, recorded webinar and VAT.

The training is for amateur actors and all interested in acting who want to appear natural and believable on the screen.

The training provides a number of practical tips and answers to the following questions:

• Can you study to be an actor at any age and independently? How?
• What if there is a strong desire to play somewhere in the movie?
• What does the background actor need to know?
• How to prepare for the role?
• How to look natural on the screen?
• What do you need to know during shooting?
• What is the most difficult thing about acting?
• What to recommend for beginners?


Johann Urb is an American actor, spiritual coach and former model with Estonian roots.

Johann (born January 24, 1977 in Tallinn) has starred in feature films “Zoolander”, “Resident Evil: Retribution”, “Hot and Ugly”, “Unicorn” and others, and in the TV series “Mountain”, “CSI: New York”, “Staff”, “Til Death”, “Storm Eagles”, Californication, etc.

Johann’s parents are musician Tarmo Urb and Maris Urb. At the age of ten, Johann moved to Finland with his mother, at the age of 17 Johann moved to the United States with his father and did modeling work in New York, which led to acting. In New York, he studied acting at the Lee Strasbourg Theater Institute. In 2020, Johann won the People’s Choice Award at the Anatomy Crime and Horror Film Festival for his role as Best Actor in The Deep Ones (2020).

Johann has been practicing spiritual practices regularly since he was a teenager. Years of daily work with himself, including meditation, Indian sacred ceremonies, breathing practices, yoga, and tantra, have helped Johann reach a state of perfect health, abundance, and bliss. The pyramid breathing created by Johann gives a special power, helping to manifest one’s full potential and achieve a happy life. (More information on the website