In spirng 2023, thanks to the co-funding of the European Union, Midwayer Films sent its volunteer workers to Iceland Casting Agency. Under the guidance of Sigrun Sol Olfasdottir, they received thorough training. Now, Midwayer Films is offering an extract from that training to help you in prove your own acting skills for camera.

Taking part over two half-days, this workshop is designed to help you understand the differences between stage acting and film acting. The first day will consist of a discussion about what actors must be prepared for when they are on a film set, some acting exercises to help you focus your performances better and the distribution of monologues each participant will deliver in the second day. The second day will have each participant delivering their monologue, on camera, and then receive valuable feedback about what worked and what could be improved.

NB! The workshop will he held in English!

The group consists of max. 10 people. Prices start from 149 euros per person. The final price is calculated based on the location and time of the workshop. For inquiries, write to us at

Your instructor is James Presnal. He began his career in entertainment on stage as an actor at the age of 6. He has continued to find acting opportunities – off and on – over the following 60 years. But, primarily, Presnal is a film producer and director. He has over 40 years of experience helping actors deliver their best performances while in front of a camera.




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Project 2022-1-EE01-KA122-ADU-000079587 was co-funded by the European Union.